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1. High weight strength. Tear strength is 3 times higher than strength properties of steel fitting (strength limit of steel fitting is 390 MPa, glass-reinforced plastic  fitting  - 1300 MPa);

2. Rust-resistant material;

3. Small specific gravity(4 - 5 times smaller than steel, density of steel fitting is 7,8 kg/m3,  that of glass-reinforced plastic  fitting  is 1,9 kg/m3);

4. It is resistant to chemical attack, glass-reinforced plastic  fitting  interacts well with seawater;

5. It has high level of recoverability that allows fitting to become ideally plain after keeping in the bays.

6. It is non-conductive;

7. It does not practically conduct heat energy (the heat conductivity coefficient of steel fitting is 46 W/m2*0C, glass-reinforced plastic  fitting - 0,35W/m2*0C);

8. It is radiotransparent;

9. It is magnetically inert (it is impossible that strength properties of composite fitting can be changed under the influence of electromagnetic fields);

10. Composite fitting does not change its sizes under the action of temperature that does not lead to micro cracks in concrete;

11. It is a low heat conductor. It does not lose its strength properties caused by extralow temperature;

12. It is non-flammable material;

13. It is resistant to ultra-violet radiation;

14. It can be of any manufactured length.


Glass-reinforced plastic fitting has a number of unique advantages to traditional materials:

The table with accurate indices shows better the difference between steel and plastic fittings


Interesting Information:




-  8 mm composite fitting element  can replace 12 mm steel fitting element;

-  The weight of an  8 mm in diameter -1 km- composite fitting  element  is 65 kg, while the same element of steel fitting is 400kg;

-  Replacing  steel fitting by composite fitting according to physical and mechanical properties in correspondence with weight:





Composite fitting is used as flexible coupling of triplex fireplace walls and  structures of civilian construction, industrial construction and agricultural building, including the base layer, the faced layer and the hard insulant layer as well as for usage in lightweight and heavy aggregate concrete (foamed concrete), in floar slab, monolithic foundation, road construction underneath asphalt coat.

The fields of use of composite fitting:


The fields of use of composite fitting is not limited by civilian and industrial construction and road construction, it can be broadened according to your resourcefulness.