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Стеклопластиковая арматура, композитная арматура



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you are on the site of the producer of composite fitting (also called plastic fitting, glass-reinforced plastic  fitting, basalt fiber plastic fitting, carbon fiber plastic fitting).

Композитная арматура

Composite fitting is non-metal cores made of glass, basalt, carbon and aramid fibres, which are saturated with thermoactive and thermoplasic excipient and are cured. The fitting made of glassfiber is recognised as glass-reinforced plastic, of basaltfiber - basalt fiber plastic fitting, of carbon fiber - carbon fiber plastic fitting. In the proccess of production the special ribs are formed or the sand cover is brought on the surface of the composite fitting to grip of concrete.


Thanks to physical and mechanical properties as well as technical advantages composite fitting can be an alternative to steel fitting as it has a  combination of high durability and corrosion resistance.


This innovative material is actively used in modern construction. The advantages of composite fitting allow to whittle down greatly expenses when raising the foundations and other concrete structures as well as to improve the characteristics and working life.


Glass-reinforced plastic fitting is replaced by usual steel fitting when erecting foundations, road construction, solidifying concrete container, laying bricks, raising seaports, as it is stronger, does not corrode and has longer operating age.